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University College London, M.Sc. in Geographic Information Science

Between September 2016 and September 2017, David completed a year long master's course at UCL in London. During his studies, he learned the programming languages SQL, PHP, Java, Javascript, C#, R, Python and HTML using each in an assessed university project. David specialised in the univariate and spatial analysis and visualisation of 2D and 3D data such as OGL house price data, census data and 3D LiDAR data. For his master's thesis, David used Unity3D and C# in order to build a mobile augmented reality application, which is able to snap virtual data to the corresponding object in real life using image object recognition. The research was conducted to review the feasibility of an augmented reality platform used by engineers in a construction site to overlay crucial information regarding their surroundings; ideally, minimising safety risks, project costs, project duration and project induced local infrastructure congestion.

Data Scientist

C# Code

Welcome to the online portfolio for David Chalk. Here you can find links to all my projects: both professional and private; and a summary of my most recent education. Here you will find descriptions of projects that I have worked on; pictures and videos of project results and links to virtual projects if available. Please take your time to browse the website at your leisure, and please feel free to message me using the contact me section of the website.

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Below is information regarding the modules that David studied during his master's course.
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Principles of Spatial Analysis

The principles of spatial analysis module was split into two sections. The first, taught me how to use the programming language R to import, analyse and visualise house price data in the City of London. The coursework that was expected of me allowed me to implement these new skills to identify correlations within UK census datasets. Thus, for the coursework, I wrote a computer algorithm that compared the values of each numerical dataset to each other numerical dataset and any combination using the Spearman, Pearson and Kendall correlation techniques. Each pair of datasets that were calculated to be above a certain threshold of correlation were evaluated individually.

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Principles of Spatial Analysis

The second section of this particular module revolved around analysis of government property price data of Greater London. The coursework also allowed me to enhance my skills in the programming language R to import, analyse and visualise the large dataset. The analysis which I conducted included both univariate mathematical analysis; and spatial analysis. Then, the visualisation of the analysis was in both 2D and 3D while also interpolated and clustered.

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Sofonic - Project Impacts Analyst

September 2014 - August 2015

Between September 2014 and August 2015, David applied for a job as a Project Impact Analyst with Sofonic, the Nicaraguan branch of the Ecosur network as a year in industry experience while studying his undergraduate degree at Coventry University. Sofonic are a company specialising in the construction of eco-friendly homes and post-natual disaster construction.

Year long work experience

C# Code

Sofonic understand that large infrastructure projects can have profound impacts socially, environmentally, politically and economically on the local area and even region. Therefore, they advertised for a project impact analyst in order to quantify these impacts and help the executive board, senior managers and project managers enhance the positive impacts and minimise the negitive impacts. David applied for and was selected for the role. At the start of his tenure, he worked as part of a small team to devise a methodology to analyse the effects of a Sofonic housing project. Then, David was responsible for the small team during the data collection and system implementation stage and worked as part of a team during the data analysis, results presentation and professional recommendations stage of the process. Due to the contribution that David made to the impact analysis; David's contract was extended to include two further housing projects, one of which required sending David to El Salvador and for both of which, David was responsible for leading a small team for the entire impact analysis process. During his time at Sofonic, David learned, to a professional standard, Spanish with particular expertise in South American culture.


Augmented reality mobile application visualising utility data

Project developed in C# and Unity3D for David's master's thesis.

An augmented reality application which uses the user's GPS location and mobile device orientation to calibrate the virtual data. This project was completed for David's master's thesis and involved using Unity3D and C# to code the mobile application. Moreover, the application uses image object recognition to identify the real-life objects that the virtual data represents and snap the virtual information to the corresponding object.

Screenshot of the application displaying a virtual, red cylinder was snapped to the edge of a bamboo tube used to simulate a vertical pipe.

C# Code

The project was the first major mobile application development project that David had undertaken in C# or using Unity3D. Thus, in order to overcome this challenge, David designed a logical methodology which ensured a manageable progressionfrom C# beginner to self taught complex programmer in just 3 months. The process involved researching which AR development method was most applicable; producing multiple augmented reality applications of increasing coding complexity; using effective troubleshooting methods to maintain progress; and following development time-line. The application that was developed was then reviewed for accuracy and plausibility in David's master's thesis which can be downloaded .

SQL spatial database

Project developed using PostgreSQL and visualised using QGIS and FME software suites.

David designed, developed, maintained and tested a server-based database using the SQL coding language which held numerical, text-based, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional data. The theorical idea behind the database revolved around a fictional environmental surveying company deciding to start holding all their data regarding their client's projects environmental impacts in a spatial database. Thus, David built a spatial database using SQL to input 3D data pertaining to the proposed infrastructure project; 2D data representing the areas where the environment would be impacted by the proposed project; and the text based information quantifying the extent of the environmental impacts that are predicted.

Screenshot of 2D and 3D data held in David's 3D spatial database, visualised in FME.

C# Code

This particular project was conducted to form part of one of David's master's modules (see Spatial Databases and Data Management in the education section). In order to effectively design the database from start to finish, he employed the Visual Paradigm CE software in order to produce a conceptual diagram of the database and how data would flow through the database. This is to ensure that no data value is recorded in two separate places within the same database and confirm that there are no many-to-many relationships between any data fields.

Website Development

David has develoepd and maintained a number of websites for a variety of personal and professional reasons.

David has designed, built and maintained 3 websites for various purposes. On behalf of his fiancé's family, David built a website to give people who are thinking of staying in León, Nicaragua information about renting a room at their family home. The website, titled Casa Sandino Castillo involves the infrastructure for previous renters to describe their experience staying at the family home. In order to build this system, David designed and coded PHP scripts that interact with an SQL database that David maintains to allow the review system to function. David also translated the website into Spanish for ease of use. David also built this particular website using information published on the W3 Schools website and built a website facilitating the upload of spatial information using PHP that would be accessed using the java mobile application described in the "Web and Mobile" module in the education section of this website.

Screenshot of the reviews uploaded to the Casa Sandino Castillo website using the upload system built by David.

C# Code

In addition to this particular website which uses HTML and PHP coding to develop, David has coded a system during the "Web and Mobile" module on his master's course (for more details see the "Web and Mobile" tab of the education section). The system was a web page which was developed using PHP, HTML and SQL which allowed a fictional estate agent to insert attributes of fictional properties that are for sale. The estate agent was able to record the address, asking price, property type and number of bedrooms and it's location selected on a map using latitude and longitude. This information was saved into a database on the UCL server to be accessed using an android application. The android application accesses the SQL data held on the UCL server and places them all on a Google Map which the user can click on and view the information for each property. Then, if the user travels within a threshold distance of a property that is for sale, the user receives a notification and the information regarding the respective property. The user is then given the opportunity to book an appointment to view the property by uploading their personal information to a separate table in the same server-held database.

David also maintains the website of his local Rugby Club, however this is text based and does not involve coding expertise.


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